Original movie to show Social Distance

EIKO + ERIKO continues to keep their social distances (2 meters) as the precaution to the spreading of coronavirus, and they are working apart on their music to brighten your life at home. After their new logo, we have you the original video to show their social distances.

We have provided our song “story” for the #ありがとう頑張ってね Thank you and good luck project by the anime “Eagle Talon”

FROGMAN the author of the anime “Eagle Talon” agreed to the “Thank you and good luck project” (#ありがとう頑張ってね) to make animation of gratitude and encouragement brought from the viewers, and used Eiko + Eriko’s music “story” for the background of animation. This project is dedicated to those who brightens somebody’s heart. Please watch it from […]