glitter detail

Music explanation by EIKO+ERIKO

1. glitter

This was the first original piece by us. It was our first four-hand piano composition written experimentally, and the duo reached the new stage in the music thanks to the difference in personality and likings. Eiko + Eriko found their color they wanted to show.

2. Flame me with Crimson

We hoped people starts moving when they hear this song. We want to visualize the spirit of this song like burning of the small energy inside body and that energy grows and will turn into scarlet color.

3. Mr.Chaplin

Eiko + Eriko’s policy is to move audience without lyrics and just by piano and drum, like Charles Chaplin, the king of comedy, who entertained so many audiences in silent movies without lines or music. We wrote this song in tribute to Chaplin, and tried to recreate his comical moves and expressions with light and moving piece.

4 .good old days

Boston, where Eiko + Eriko lived together for 3 years while learning, pondering and absorbing various music, is a town of great nature such as Charles River and Boston Common. The town had dense population and stars were visible during the night. Now we think back to Boston, we recall the scenery of quiet town and happy days with full of music and no money. We composed this song out of beautiful and sentimental life in Boston.

5 .Night Owl

This came from the night life in Tokyo city where it is completely different during the daytime. We named this music Night owl, the nocturnal creatures, to represent the atmosphere of liveliness during the night in the city.

6. Explorers

Our anxiety, hope, excitement, expectation… all emotions towards the future of the duo is presented in this piece. We picture ourselves going forward in dark with a ray of light barely showing the road.

7. Scramble Crossing

The title, scramble crossing, is the metaphor to comings and goings of people we know. Time we spend with good friends are so fun we wish to continue forever, but it won’t last. It is the mixed feeling of sentiment and pleasure.


Belladonna, the toxic plant known as the Witches’ Herb, was used as an eye drops by women in Venice, Italy during Renaissance to make them look seductive, but many died from its poison. The flower stands for the charm of deceiving ones and silence. This piece express the strange charms carried by this plant, both eerie and beautiful.